Additional groff and mom resources


Homepage of the mom macro set for groff:

Online link to the latest mom documentation:

An introductory article to mom in Linux Gazette:



If you have the info documentation installed on your system:
info groff

General information about GNU-troff (groff):

A site with links to additional groff resources:



The troff home page:

The original Computing Science and Technical Report 54 for Unix troff:

Additional troff resources

Unix Text Processing (O’Reilly)

An excellent introduction to Unix text processing. Larry Kollar of the groff development team headed up a project to make this essential O'Reilly publication available on the web (pdf format):


Installing groff fonts – the install-font script

Installing fonts for use with groff isn’t difficult, but there are a number of steps involved which can make it a nuisance.

The subject is covered in-depth in the html documentation, but if you want to simplify the process, download and install the script is a bash script that takes care of all the details of font installation, including making fonts available system-wide.

After downloading, put the script anywhere you like, make it executable (chmod 755, and type -H for instructions.

Actual installation of fonts requires superuser priviledges, so be sure to run it with sudo.